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Asterisk Wiki

The official source of documentation for the Asterisk project, this wiki is maintained by the development team that manages the Asterisk code base.  The development team is committed to keeping the content up to date and accurate. All Asterisk users are encouraged to participate by leaving comments in the wiki to constantly improve the documentation.

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Source Code Documentation

The documentation written inside of the Asterisk code is generated into a website using a Doxygen documentation generator.

Visit doxygen.asterisk.org

Asterisk: The Definitive Guide

This is a book for anyone who uses Asterisk.  It was written for, and by, members of the Asterisk community.  Produced with the generous support of O’Reilly Media, Asterisk: The Definitive Guide is the 4th edition.

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The following is a collection of video resources for Asterisk users and developers. Please keep in mind that the opinions expressed in these videos belong to the presenters, not Digium or the Asterisk.org community.

YouTube Videos - The Official Asterisk YouTube Channel

Say Hello to Asterisk - What is Asterisk and what can you do with it?

Asterisk Essentials - Online training course to learn the basics

Astricon Video Presentations - Recorded presentations from Astricon

Digium Phones for Asterisk - Digium's line of IP phones designed exclusively for use with Asterisk and Switchvox

Tech Tips - Analog Telephony with Asterisk - Ever wonder how to connect Asterisk with analog lines or analog devices? In this brief video you'll learn the basics of analog telephony, find out what you'll need to connect up phone lines, fax machines, etc.

Starting with Asterisk - An oldie but a goodie: Back in 2006 John Todd, Digium's Asterisk Community Director, appeared on the Internet TV program "Systm" to introduce the geek world to Asterisk. Today the process of installing a system is much easier, but the basic principals John explains are still valid

Security Best Practices 1: Threats - Part 1 of the Asterisk VoIP Security Webinar. Special Agent Michael McAndrews reviews the current trends in VoIP fraud. Check out the other three parts for more information on securing your Asterisk or Switchvox system.